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Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War (2004)

Uncovered: The War on Iraq 

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Speelduur: 56 minuten
Oorlog, Documentaire
David Albright
Himself - Physicist and former weapons inspector with the IAEA Action team
Robert Baer
Himself - Former CIA operative who served in Iraq and Lebanon
Milton Bearden
Himself - Former Head of the CIA's Societ / Eastern European Division and Station Chief in Pakistan
Rand Beers
Himself - Former Special Assistant to the President and National Security Council Senior Director for Combating Terrorism
Bill Christison
Himself - Former CIA Director of the Office of Regional and Political Analysis
David Corn
Himself - Washington Editor of the Nation Magazine
Philip Coyle
Himself - Former Assistant Security of Defense and Director of Operational Test and Evaluation at the Pentagon
John Dean
Himself - Former White House Counsel to President Nixon
Patrick Eddington
Himself - Former CIA Analyst during the 1991 Iraq War
Chas Freeman
Himself - Former Assistant Secretary of Defense and Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Graham Fuller
Himself - Former Vice Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA
Mel Goodman
Himself - 20 year Senior CIA Analyst
John Brady Kiesling
Himself - Former Political Counselor to the US Embassy Athens, Greece
Karen Kwiatkowski
Herself - Former Air Force Lt. Colonel
Patrick Lang
Himself - Former Chief of Middle East Intelligence at the Defense Intelligence Agency
David MacMichael
Himself - 13 year CIA Analyst
Ray McGovern
Himself - Former Chairman of the National Intelligence Estimate
Scott Ritter
Himself - Former Marine Captain and UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq from 1991-98
Clare Short
Herself - Former UK Cabinet Minister in Labor Government
Stansfield Turner
Himself - Former Director of the CIA and Commander of the Second Fleet
Henry Waxman
Himself - Congressman representing California's 30th Congressional District
Thomas E. White
Himself - 23 year Commissioned Office and Former Secretary of the Army
Joseph Wilson
Himself - Former Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Iraq and special assistant to the President
Mary Ann Wright
Herself - Deputy Chief of Mission in the US Embassies in Sierra Leone and Afghanistan
Peter Zimmerman
Himself - Former Chief Scientist of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

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Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War
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